Cinco de My Flo

Well, it’s official. Flo has been “away” for a year. And while I’m happy that a majority of you love Mexican food, margueritas, and your mothers, I can’t help but be reminded through a barrage of Facebook posts that today sucks more for me than it does for you. The only silver lining?

1. Got a call from Judy Josephs today. I didn’t answer the phone, mostly because I don’t really feel like talking to anyone today. Turns out, she left me a voicemail telling me how proud she is of how far I’ve come. And while it didn’t sound like Flo, it felt like she was the one saying it. You see…Judy nominated me for my high school’s Hall of Fame and has had my resume for over a week. I even saw her last night. But I didn’t get a “message” until today.

2. My assistant found me hiding in my office and said she was thinking of me and a story or two I’ve shared since Flo passed. She then hands me a box, which I open. Inside is the handmade wood plaque pictured above. 5515. Well hello Flo!

5515, the day she passed.
5515, the first license plate I see the next morning.
555, our street address number.
5, the gold balloon on my first birthday without her.

Love you mumsy. Happy Mother’s Day. See you at the crossroads. ❤

Your Little Bushkas.

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