About Me

Hello! My name is Mikki Wilson. I am a passionate and creative marketing professional who was unexpectedly laid off in November 2013. Being unemployed, I used my time and resources to seek out new opportunities that were the perfect fit for me. With some free time on my hands, I wanted to record my journey of reflection and resilience during a difficult time of unemployment and uncertainty. Today, I am happily re-employed as Director of Marketing & Business Development for Cabot Wealth Management

Professional Experience

My professional experience includes over a decade of marketing experience from creating a strategic marketing plan, implementing marketing programs and coordination all aspects of, including but not limited to, public relations, advertising, social media, event planning, staff relations, website maintenance, database administration, campaign management, lead generation, email marketing, graphic design, and marketing operations and automation. I’m a Mik of all trades.

Check out My Resume for more information.

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