5 letters, 2 syllables, and rhymes with ‘tricky’…

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M-i-c-k-e-y? No. Mikki, M-i-k-k-i. No, not like the mouse. Yes, Mikki, with an M. No, no…not Nikki… Mmm-ikki. (And then I sound like a jerk for dragging out the M sound.) Finally, I’m serenaded with Hey Mickey. Do they expect me to dance too?

MIKKI. Who knew five letters and two syllables could be so tricky? Well, apparently it is because when it’s not “Mickey”, it’s Micky or Micki or Miki or Nikki or Mikey (okay, seriously?). Ah, let’s not forget all the colorful words ‘Mikki’ rhymes with.

So my mom wanted to be creative back in ’79. Fine. Yet, I find it mindblowing when people I know and work with spell my name completely wrong. It’s not like my email signature is right there in front of your eyeballs. Forget that Facebook friendship. Ball up that business card. And it’s not like I’ve told you 10 times.

Point being, spelling and pronouncing ones name correctly is a sign of respect. Do you think Mickey Mouse would appreciate opening an email that reads, “Dear Mikki the Mouseketer?”

No. No, he wouldn’t. Matter of fact, you’d probably get kicked out of the Club.


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